I have been passionately involved in design since my career begun thirty-two years ago, building up a design conscious trading company whose products have touched all corners of the world.  Succeeding in this area of trading business for more than two decades I have always had the desire and hunger to head into a new direction, to take up the new challenges and demands of a different market.  Consequently after consulting friends, customers and designers I was encouraged to move into branding and to form a design studio which draws on the knowledge and experience from myself, fellow designers and manufacturers.  In this creative environment I wish everyone to join together and fuse all our energies in pursuing the same goal to create a new and exciting brand whose products that make a difference.


-Gary Lin, Founder of Studio Domo


Born in 2006, 'Studio Domo' meaning "Design of Moden Objects" is a platform through which talented designers can share and express their creativity, thoughts and ideas to people around the world.


'Studio Domo' is a brand whose philosophy is simple:

a vision to turn imaginative and creative ideas into reality for the benefit of enhancing our daily lives. Our designs are our passion, and we hope you share this passion with us and enjoy each and every product we design for you.


At 'Studio Domo' we harness the diverse qualities of designers from different cultures around the world and blend their ingenuity to create new, fresh and original designs to make your modern living more enjoyable.