United Kingdom

James Burgess

James Burgess

My name is James Burgess.  And I am a product designer.


Born in the UK, I have over 7 years experience working abroad for international clients based in the UK, Italy, USA, Asia and presently Cape Town, South Africa.  My portfolio includes a diverse range of functional designs, with everything from products and furniture to graphics, interiors, digital and branding.


For me, design is problem solving in its purest form.  It's about being curious about everything and finding inspiration in whatever country or culture I'm in.  It's finding out why and how things work, and then seeing if there's a way to make them better.  

I believe that design should be useful.  That everything I create should have a purpose and relate to our daily lives in a real way.  From quirky insights about everyday life to reinventing existing materials and researching the latest technologies, I try to create engaging objects that are true to my philosophy of a better world through sustainable design.