Pottinger Cole

“Based in the industrial region of the West Midlands, England, Pottinger Cole turn to local sources and workshops to produce their projects with a remarkable sense of simplicity and permanence. Whether handmade or mass manufactured, all of their products are understated and simple, yet highly technical.”

Intramuros Magazine No. 155


The work


Pottinger Cole is a creative practice founded in 2005 by Wayne Pottinger and Natalie Cole. The studio approach is multi-disciplinary, working on projects including furniture, lighting, product design, interiors and exhibition design.

They employ a materials and process focused design approach to create thoughtful, refined objects. Their work is produced in a range of materials, utilising production techniques from the hand-made to digital technologies. The emphasis of their work is function combined with a considered and appropriate use of materials.



In 2008 Pottinger Cole were awarded the Crafts Council Development Award*, which enabled them to build up their practice over the subsequent years.

In 2009 they focused their creative energy on designing and manufacturing a range of furniture and interior products. The resulting collection was launched at 100% Design in 2010, gaining industry recognition. Examples from the collection can be found in retailers such as SCP, Skandium, Haus London and more.

Alongside the manufacturing of this collection Pottinger Cole are keen to work on projects with established manufacturers, offering their multi-disciplinary skill set to provide design intuition and creative direction.