studio frieszumb├╝hl

How we think

We seen in objects more than just matter put into a certain function. Each object has its own identity with with features that may evoke emotional associations in the user.

A good relationship between product and man prolongs the life-span of the product and possibly of man too.

The attachment to personal objects may be so strong that new products, despite better functions and more usability, cannot replace the object one has grown fond of.

What motivates us

We want to create products that have their own identity and character, and which can be perceived with several senses and thus have surplus value. We create new and independent things which differ from other products in function, expression and emotion.

Thinking and creating in all three dimensions makes us set about our work in various ways. Knowledge related to the project in new subjects, working with materials and their properties, curiosity in new technologies and production processes, all that interests and fascinates us.

Our greatest confirmation and motivation has been to know that the use is pleased with an object created by us.

How we work

Our main aim is the highest possible functional and aesthetic independence of our products, but also the essential idea or concept which were the basis of the designed object. There is no need for just another design. It is the good ideas that stimulate design and thus mark the novelty.